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eha's the name. I got my first breathing since 1995. & I blows the candles on twenty five of november every year. Characteristic? People said I'm talkative, anywhere and anytime. Even though I'm talkative but I'm not the person that have a finger in the pie. Personality? Not too straight, sometimes might be a little bit shy. Emotionally normal with laughter. However, designs is definitely been liked. Random's photography is simply pretty. I love sky blue but guess what? It is just my Cinnamoroll stuff are all in blue! Idol? Muhammad S.A.W

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Pity !

Friday, February 10, 2012 2:46 AM


first, pity on me please, i dont have any idea to update, oh noshhhh. seriously, i dont know what to talking about, mybe i'm just babbling the things that never give me benefits, haha. here we go ! 

secondly, i want to gossiping, you all like it aite? okayy, same as me, gimme five ! hewhew. okay, as a friends, what must we do? backstabber?condemn with others? or trying to be a good friends? yeah, i'm trying to be good friends, but, if ada segelintir hamba Allah yang perangainya entah apa2, what must we do? every day we give advice to her/him but tak ada apa yang berubah pun, malah became worst. okay, and problem macam ni ada di sekeliling aku. peace ^^, malas nak cerita lebih lebih kan, nanti berbakul dosa aku. kuhkuhkuh.