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eha's the name. I got my first breathing since 1995. & I blows the candles on twenty five of november every year. Characteristic? People said I'm talkative, anywhere and anytime. Even though I'm talkative but I'm not the person that have a finger in the pie. Personality? Not too straight, sometimes might be a little bit shy. Emotionally normal with laughter. However, designs is definitely been liked. Random's photography is simply pretty. I love sky blue but guess what? It is just my Cinnamoroll stuff are all in blue! Idol? Muhammad S.A.W

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long time no see :p

Thursday, January 12, 2012 10:06 PM

yahhhh, kalian kalian apa khabar? me rindu blogger blogger semua, lama tak jumpa kan, kuhkuhkuh. 
dah bertahun tahun tak update blog, whoaaa, bangga sat. 
*bertahun lah sgt. well, me sekarang so so so busy with my education. (spm student we) extra class sana extra class sini, homework berlunggok lunggok, subject form 4 tak dapat catch up lg, acano nak amek spm? HAHA, relax relax, cool ya teman teman, insyaAllah i will catch up soon, just i need a time, well, study smart, not study hard, am i right? HAHA, nevermind, let be. and now, dah tak boleh nak berblogging sana, blogging sini, twitt sana twitt sini, i cant do that things as usual. benda benda ni dah jauh dari hidup aku, nasib baik today my mom very very baik bg aku guna kejap for half an hour, setengah jam je? oh maiii, sokay sokay. BERSYUKUR ! actually banyak benda nak story mory tory, but, story semua dah dissappear. HAHA, nasib lah kau joyahh. and guys doakan aku dapat jalani dugaan hidup ni alrightt. HAHA.