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what do you mean by sombong ?

Thursday, November 10, 2011 9:35 PM


oh my gucci, korang tahu ka apa meaning sombong? or in the same meaning, its arrogant. 
HAHA. haa, tahu kaaa? i dont know why all this while, bila tak layan sikit or  ter-MISS contact beberapa hari, terus nak judge sombong la, berlagak la, bajet hot la, euwwwww ! what the fish? HAHA.
i dont care what people say, seriously, dah banyak kali aku kena tuduh, "sombong,sombong and sombong"

kalau aku nak menafikan benda nih pun, korang tetap akan judge aku mcm tu, so,
 just let it go.
sometimes, bila orang ckp mcm tu, kena muhasabah diri balik. salah kat mana? apa kita dah buat. tapi biasa la, manusia tak sempurna :) nobody's perfect man. HAHA
biasa la, adat manusia, suka mengata orang tu, mengata orang ni, its normal, and in reality, it is life. peace ^^