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eha's the name. I got my first breathing since 1995. & I blows the candles on twenty five of november every year. Characteristic? People said I'm talkative, anywhere and anytime. Even though I'm talkative but I'm not the person that have a finger in the pie. Personality? Not too straight, sometimes might be a little bit shy. Emotionally normal with laughter. However, designs is definitely been liked. Random's photography is simply pretty. I love sky blue but guess what? It is just my Cinnamoroll stuff are all in blue! Idol? Muhammad S.A.W

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greyson chance :)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011 10:32 PM

first aku dgar lgu greyson dkat hitz, lgu ap eh, tak silap aku waiting outside the lines, masa aku dengar tu, terus hati aku cair, dalam fikiran aku cuma fikir, dia nih mesti handsome gila, before this aku just minat sam tsui dengan christina grimmie, and now, tambah lagi sorang, greyson ^^ 
aku tak pernah terfikir pun yang dia nih still budak budak lagi. comel pulak tu, suara dia mmg amazing, after aku dengar, terus aku bukak youtube, wow, music video dia best ! best gila baq hang. lepasnih hg kalah la justin bieber woii. HAHA. i love you greyson chance ^^