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Sunday, July 24, 2011 1:31 AM

assalamualaikum pembuka bicara, dah lama aku tak update blog kan wahai teman teman, blogwalking pun dah jarang skrg ni, hmm, laptop aku pun dah dihantar ke kedai kerana masalah teknikal, pabila laptop pun tiada, maka kehidupan aku pun kebosanan, bila aku nak pegi ambil pun tak tahu la, okay, tutup itu kes. 
and now i'm story this to you
we have barbeque party last night at kulim golf resortt, whoaaaa~
mcm best kan? jyeahh, mmg best. syiokk habis, kih3. dpt makan char koey teow puas puas, even bnda tu MENGGEMUKKAN. never mind lah, sekali sekala. aha. we have a great and wonderfull time, and i'm sure if you having time like this you will be happy same as me, 
okayy. before i'm start my journey to kulim, i have a great beatiful time with my younger sister. HAHA.
here this, i'm showing to you :)

HAHA, i'm just bored at this time, so we were snapping for a while, kih kih kih
okay, just a bit note and bai bai