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i'm happy today,

Friday, May 27, 2011 8:09 AM

thanks to her because make me smile, thanks to her because spend too much time for us, thanks to her because spend time with me, thanks to her because have resistance your ear to hear your mom babbling. hhe.
Terima Kasih Mas Fil Elmi binti Mat Zan. saya sangat sayangkan anda :)
today is the most sad day, the most excited day, and obviously the most happy day. neheeee~

the most sad day T_T , today puan noorleha dgn ustaz radin last day dkat skola. waaaaa T_T sdihhhhh. hm, lpas ni tkde dah cikgu yg sporting mcm puan noorleha. sedih sgt sgt. i never thought i will be felt this feeling analyzed as previously. hmm, teringat mse last day mas sblum dia pndah. and now. again and again to feel this. cikgu, halalkan ilmu cikgu, maafkan saya if terkasar bahasa. and thanks because spend time too much money for us. i really appreciate it. thanks for the KFC. heeee. hope cikgu tak lupe kteorg kt SMDB ni okieee. Ustaz Radin pun pndah jgk. mcm tak pecaye yg dia nak pndah. smpat jumpe dgn dia td. jaga diri ya ustaz, jgn lupakan kami kt sini ^^

the most excited day, hehehe. mas janji nak dtg skola pg ni jumpe kteorg sume, wahh. mmg excited bangettt. i miss her a lot. too much. dpt jgk lpas rindu. mas ckp. alah. dia dkat kdah tak smpai 2 thun pun. after that taiping kembali. yeahh. mmg tak smpai 2 thun pun. tp nak tggu tu. adoyaii. nazakkk cekk oiii. hehehe. thanks yaa sbb dtg. i love your body shape :) dulu keding je kan. skrg, wahh, sudah berisi. pandai sekolah tu jaga hang kan. bagi hang makan suma. bahagianya hidup hang. HAHAHA

the most happy day, yeahh, thanks mas fil elmy sbb buat aku happy hri ni, thanks sbb spend too much time with me. HAHAHA. mmg aku happy sgt sgtlah. thanks again for you. HAHAHA. saya sayangkan anda MAS FIL ELMY :)