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million miles

Saturday, July 21, 2012 8:05 PM


pejam celik pejam celik dah masuk bulan ramadhan. and as i know, after cuti raya for one week, trus trial. Ya Allah, cepatnye mase berlalu. and i hope i will get a flying colours result, May Allah bless me, azam aku untuk bulan ramadhan ni, nak puasa penuh weh, hahaha, last year aku dapat puasa penuh k. jgn jelly. hahaha. okay okay. 

first, aku nak wish happy belated anniversary for my beloved heart, dah lame punye anniversary bru nak update, well, big boss tak bg kite update blog :'). dear, thanks for make our relation tough enough. i'm appreciate it. i love you BUNCIT ! hahaha. sayang, thanks buat me bahagia k. even sometimes we bergaduh each other, but we still can get along, and it is because i love you the way you are, i love you sepenuh jiwa raga i tau. hahahaha.

buat masa sekarang, aku rasa aku dah cukup bahagia, maybe :') .aku ada parents yang sungguh caring about future aku, always suruh aku study smart and maybe one day study hard. muehehehe. aku ada dia, kehkehkeh, he always be by my side, selalu ada untuk aku share apa yang aku rasa, happy, sedih, everything. thanks boy. terharu :'). aku ada kawan kawan yang agak sekepala jgk. thanks guys. 

lastly. i got 5 words for you blogger :)


it means, if ada problem or anything yang akan buat kita rasa down, please be strong and move on with your life. macam aku, aku always hampir give up dgn studies aku yg sometime buat aku stress, and this words can help me for strong enough :)


batch 95, good luck for trial. all the best :D