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eha's the name. I got my first breathing since 1995. & I blows the candles on twenty five of november every year. Characteristic? People said I'm talkative, anywhere and anytime. Even though I'm talkative but I'm not the person that have a finger in the pie. Personality? Not too straight, sometimes might be a little bit shy. Emotionally normal with laughter. However, designs is definitely been liked. Random's photography is simply pretty. I love sky blue but guess what? It is just my Cinnamoroll stuff are all in blue! Idol? Muhammad S.A.W

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mountain bike i want you, arghh !

Saturday, April 30, 2011 12:27 AM

aiyoooo, mom, i want this bike, please please please, HAHAHA, dulu nak fixie, tp skrg tknak dh, nak bnda ni, wink wink ^^ boleh la boleh la, angau gila kt basikal ni, sbb ptg ptg nak jln jln kt lake, heeee, kalau ptg ptg jln kt lake slalu ada roadblock, tak suke lol >.< aha, boleh la, boleh la, nak bnda ni tau tau, moto dh ada, skrg nk yg ini pulak. huhuhu. boleh kan? and 1 more, i want this camera can?
heee, boleh kan boleh kan? yes, nurul tahu lah kita dah ada yg ni, tp tu AYAH yg punye, not mine lah, please please please, i want both of it, can right? heee, nurul smpai mimpi camera ni ohh, angau gila kt camera ni tahukkk? wink wink ^^  i love this dslr. ayah punye nikon kan? nurul nk sony je, HAHAHAHA.