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eha's the name. I got my first breathing since 1995. & I blows the candles on twenty five of november every year. Characteristic? People said I'm talkative, anywhere and anytime. Even though I'm talkative but I'm not the person that have a finger in the pie. Personality? Not too straight, sometimes might be a little bit shy. Emotionally normal with laughter. However, designs is definitely been liked. Random's photography is simply pretty. I love sky blue but guess what? It is just my Cinnamoroll stuff are all in blue! Idol? Muhammad S.A.W

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011 1:29 AM

Assalamualaikum ...
yemee ! aku memang suka orang yang jujur, okayy, sahabat sahabat saya sekalian, tolong jadi orang yang jujur oke? if jujur dengan aku, insyaAllah, one day aku akan trust korang 200%. but right now, i cant believe anyone, eventhough my bestfriends, 

i cant trust them yet. i'm sorry. its enough la kena tipu berulang kali. 
aku taknak kena tipu lagi dah :D
A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new - Albert Einstein 
okay, itu theory albert yang kata. tapi bila aku fikir balik, theory dia tu betul. sebab tu aku jadi mcm nih. hik3
okay. let be. biasa la tu semua, lumrah hidup. lagipun kira untung la aku, tak hanyut lagi jauh dengan dia dah tau macam macam, THANKS GOD.  

a true friends would not do anything bad to her friends. HAHA.